Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 21 - Zombie to Limping

There isn’t much to say about the early part of the week. My cold came on full blown with an obnoxious cough. I struggled to get over jet lag, waking up around 3:30 for days, sometimes falling back asleep and sometimes not. I made it through work, luckily able to dig into a big project that kept me focused, but then would go home exhausted and wait for 9:00 so I could go to bed. I did go to knitting (being comatose with friends is better than alone at home) but didn’t swim. I was finally feeling relatively normal by Thursday and was able to contribute to the conversation at book club. By Friday I was making lists for the weekend and buying flowers over lunch. I was back, baby!

I went home a bit early so I could mow and shower before meeting Anne Marie and Andrea for dinner at Chips for Anne Marie’s birthday. Well, I had changed into my work clothes and was about to get the mower out when Billy showed up with two friends. He’d brought a trainee to take over now that he’s working at Burger King. So while they mowed, I got busy putting my closets back. I had called the floor guy earlier in the week to say he needed to reinstall one door in my bedroom but he was blowing me off so I decided to stop waiting. I was brutal in what I kept, ending up with 3 leaf bags full of clothes for Goodwill. That felt good and then I went out for a nice dinner. Great start to the weekend so far.

The three of us were together again for an Omaha run on Saturday. Anne Marie’s husband had taken all seven kids to Iowa for his uncle’s funeral so AM had a rare, child-free day. She and Andrea had stayed up late watching season 2 of Downton Abbey but hadn’t finished so Anne Marie sat in the back seat, watching DVDs while we drove and sometimes while we shopped. We hit all our regular spots – Personal Threads (I didn’t buy any yarn), Goodwill (dropped those clothes – done!), Penzey’s, Trader Joe’s and Aldi. We were home by mid-afternoon and I had a fully stocked frig again. Yay! I did a few more chores and went to bed. Sunday was my designated day for gardening.

Well, I was outside before noon on Sunday to start in the veggie beds and had been weeding for 45 minutes or so when I stopped to pet my neighbor’s dog before heading in for seeds. I bent down and something popped behind my knee and I gasped in pain. Clearly I was done. I couldn’t walk and my knee was seriously bent. I hobbled into the house and spent the rest of the day sitting and knitting. The garden would not be planted this weekend, nor my containers. Oh well. The bright side was it hadn’t happened on my trip. While being in pain wasn’t ideal, I was home and could cope. What a week!


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