Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 47 - Busy and Creative

The week started with dropping Carolyn at the airport and heading to work. Sad to see her go but we had a fun weekend and I’ll see her again next month. I got to work ~10:30 and headed to Taco Bell an hour later, mostly so I could move my car to the loop lot. The day was over in a flash. I had an uber nutritious dinner of hot dogs then went to knitting, where I finished another ornament cover and gave the box to Andrea for her to make the rest.

Tuesday was a normal day. I had lunch with Polly (Noodles again) and then swam after work before going home to sit like a zombie, which felt great. I went to bed early, hoping to catch up on some sleep, but work up in the middle of the night from a dream so disturbing that I had to turn on the light and read to get it out of my head. I was super tired on Wednesday , which luckily flew by. I could not wait to get home and into my jammies. I was knitting in my nightie within minutes of walking into the house. It felt great.

We went to lunch for Nora and Cheryl’s birthdays on Thursday and ended up at Noodles again – my third time in a week. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m getting sick of Noodles! Lacey got me a BOGO peppermint mocha latte that afternoon and I was looking forward to another night of nightie knitting but called Darla from the car and met her at our favorite thrift shop, where I scored lots of clothes, for me and friends. I still had plenty of time for my planned vegging but found myself at the big Goodwill looking for the ever elusive Christmas red 100% wool sweater to felt for ornaments. When I had no luck there, I found myself hitting 2 more thrifts, even heading across Lincoln in the opposite direction from home for the last one. I never did find a red sweater but at the last store, I scored 9 skeins of 100% alpaca (softest fiber ever!) for 99 cents each. Short of finding cashmere, I can’t think of a find that would top this. I was home by 8:00 and got two hours of knitting in before bed. What a nice day!

Since I hadn’t baked the night before, I got up early and made two loaves of pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling. Such a great smell to start the day with! I took one to work and the other was for the French thing that night. The day flew by so the struggle to speak French happened all the sooner. I really need to start watching French movies or something to dredge it back up. I know the works are in there, I just struggle to find them. Oh well. After I left, I went to Joann’s for a pom pom maker and to the mall, where I scored a new mock neck for $2.46 after the 50% off sale and my $10 rewards certificate. Yay!

Saturday was a busy day. I had errands to run in the morning and then Andrea and I were headed to Omaha for the Omaha Spinners and Weavers Guild fiber show and a whole slew of stores while we were there. We hit the fiber show first, where I got some yarn and a basket for my swap partner and then hit the Bling for the Holidays shows next door where I got her a fun necklace. Then we went to Joann’s and Mangelsen’s before getting a late lunch at a new restaurant – Ingredient. It was a miserable, cold, windy day so I had a wonderful bowl of rosemary and rice chicken soup and half a wrap. The smell was amazing, as was the taste. And since it’s in the same plaza as Trader Joe’s, it will become a staple of our Omaha runs. After eating, we went to Sur La Table then Trader Joe’s. Our last stop was Menard’s and we got home after 7:00 so it was a long day but I had a bag full of both swap and Christmas presents. Nice.

Sunday was another full and fun day. I scrambled to pick the house up in the morning and put on a chuck roast for lunch. Andrea was coming to eat and then we were making ornaments for our Monday Night Knitting tree at Christmas on the Prairie, which is less than 2 weeks away. I dug through my drawers in the craft room and found all kinds of trims, jingle bells, etc. and pulled some felted sweaters out of the pile. We worked for hours and had lots of fun. It’s amazing what you can make when the creativity starts flowing. The pic above just shows a few of the ornaments we made. There are many more. After standing at the bar for hours, we sat to knit ornaments and watch X Men First Class. Andrea left after 7:00 and I gave up on doing laundry in favor of finishing the knitting ornaments while watching TV. It was a nice end to a long, but creative and productive, day and week.

Just three work days this week. : )

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