Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 27 - Hot and Productive

It was a hot week, with summer weather finally arriving at the end of June. No complaints here! Other than a couple of days, who can complain about not using AC until then? Along with the heat and humidity, we got an email that a pump in the new pool blew (yes, it’s only been going for 2 weeks!) and there would be no swimming all week. So what did I do with all my free evenings? Knitting. Go figure.

Jan and I were the only ones to show for knitting on Monday night. Andrea had flown back from California that day so I wasn’t surprised when she wasn’t there, nor Anne Marie who would have picked her up. But when she wasn’t home when I stopped afterwards to return her key, I was concerned that I her flight was delayed enough that I’d need to feed her animals again. So I called Anne Marie’s and she was there having birthday cake for Andrew’s 13th. I stopped by to drop the key and she was sitting like a zombie in the corner, surrounded by sugar charged kids. So I rescued her and took her home. I attempted to go to bed early but Tot was on the roof and not coming down. So picture me at midnight in my nightie up a ladder dragging her off the roof. Yes, I am the crazy cat lady. It’s official.

The interim cleaning lady came on Tuesday night for a walk through. She was going to start the following Wednesday, which meant I’d have to clean my house AGAIN before my party. Yikes! On Wednesday the heat arrived so I closed up the house and put on the air. I knitted with Anne at lunch and then Darla and I braved the heat for a Starbuck’s run in the afternoon. It was so hot that my frapuccino was melted within minutes of walking out the door. After work, I went to Jiffy Lube and sweated in their waiting room. From there, I sweated at Village Inn, where the service was so bad it was funny. Then it was home to watch the first DVD from True Blood season 3, which had arrived in the mail that day.

Thursday was even hotter. Good thing it was a food day because I had no intention of leaving the building, not even for Starbuck’s. I stopped at Ace Hardware on the way home to grill the clerk on what could be wrong with my grill. With my cookout just days away and my grill non-functional, I was worried. When I got home, it was an easy fix so that was a big relief. I went through coupons and prepped for the dreaded Wal Mart run Friday after work. Between my cook out and being out of lots of staples, my list was huge. Good thing it was dead quiet at work on Friday because it gave me extra energy to handle the crowds on the way home. There was nothing pleasant about that shopping but I hope I stocked up enough that I won’t need to go there again anytime soon.

The pulled muscle in my butt was still an issue and my heel was so sore that I wore sneakers to work most of the week (I still wasn’t convinced it wasn’t a back problem) but I still agreed to meet Lorri at the library to garden Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous morning and we worked for almost two hours. Afterwards we got an iced mocha and sat outside catching up. It ended up being a nice morning and it actually seemed to help my back/butt/whatever. The Charlie horse in my calf was gone and my butt was no worse. Hmmm…. I went home to shower and then picked Andrea up for an Omaha run. We hit Penzey’s, Sur La Table and Trader Joe’s. I spent way too much money but did get a few stocking stuffers at least. Sunday was a prep day. My goal was to get most everything outside done so I could do inside stuff on Monday. I ended up doing some inside, some outside, interspersing knitting between chores. It was all good. I ended the week with a doable list for Monday and feeling like things were under control. Not bad.

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  1. Okay, now I want to know how the party went...