Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 24 - A Great Week

What a wonderful week! It started out blazing hot but that only lasted a couple of days. The nice weather was just the icing on the cake though. Lots of things went well.

Monday was the first water aerobics class back at Mabel Lee pool and I had planned to go (I usually don’t go on Mondays) but that didn’t work out. Since I wasn’t swimming and had done so much cooking over the weekend, I invited Andrea over for dinner before knitting. I had everything ready to go and just had to put the shish kebabs on the grill. After admiring the work Paul had done – repairing my bench and building sides for my raised beds (this made me so happy!), I went to turn the kebabs only to find the gas had run out on my grill. Figures. It was super hot and now I had to turn on the broiler. We finished eating just in time to head to knitting, which was fun. Anne Marie informed me she was giving the socks she was working on to me and I got to try them on. How nice!

On Tuesday I found out I had won the prize for my KALendar (the KAL is for knit along) group on Ravelry, which I’ve never won before. All that knitting I did last month paid off. By Wednesday the weather was near perfect and I finally got to swim in the deep end, which was great. I loved jumping into the deep end and after a second day on Thursday, I was feeling muscles I hadn’t used in a long time. Also, my knee was already feeling better since it wasn’t getting beaten up in the too shallow pool. I felt great! Lots of stuff left the house this week too. I offloaded a big bag of clothes to a friend who has lost a ton of weight. Getting rid of stuff always feels great and even better when it goes to someone who can use it. I took all my office paper and cardboard recycling to Lincoln. And on Thursday night I finally finished the two at a time socks I’d been working on since March. And it was going to be cool on Friday so I could wear them. Yay!

Between all this and having a good week at work, I was excited for the weekend, which would start with a cookout at Mary’s for her belated birthday. I had made tabbouleh and was ready to go when the phone rang on Friday afternoon. Someone had dumped a cat on campus. I checked it out on my way to Starbuck’s (Dodie and I were having an end of the week treat) and indeed it was tame and so I needed to catch it. I went back with my car, carrier in hand and tried my best. Luckily Richie, the man who helped start Husker Cats, came out and he was able to get her in the carrier. It was cool and gloomy so I was able to leave her in the car while I tried to get in touch with the sometime fosterer. When I hadn’t heard anything by 5:00, I gave my tabbouleh to Lynn to take to the cookout and headed home to set up my spare bedroom as kitty land again. Sheesh!

The cat was fine in the car and I set up a litter box and food and let her out of the carrier. She instantly became mean and was growling constantly. Only after doing an inventory of my cats did I realize that Wrennie must be under the bed in the spare room. After failing to get the white cat back into the carrier, I put a chair outside the door and spend the night knitting and trying to coax Wrennie out from under the bed. I finally went into the room and sat on the bed, talking to the cats the whole time, which is what got Wrennie to come out. I felt bad that I had put the white cat under such stress but at least I was able to go to bed without having to worry about the cats.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and I had big plans. I went to the farm store and bought bags of composted manure and then headed home for garden duty. I had to dig in the edges for the beds, mix the soil inside and plant everything. Other than a brief break for lunch, I was out there all day. Unfortunately I pulled a muscle in my butt trying to move the first wheel barrow load so was feeling it every time I bent over but by 4:00 everything was done. I headed in for a shower, exhausted but feeling good that I’d accomplished what I had planned. I also had my swap box to open. It had arrived while I was outside and I was very adult about it, setting it inside until I was done with the garden. It was wonderful - full of hand spun and dyed yarn, felted hand mades and lots of other goodies. It was worth the wait. The evening seemed endless thought. I struggled to stay awake and went to bed early.

It barely rained at all overnight (another bad forecast) so I would have to water at some point but other than doing some laundry, I took it easy on Sunday, still nursing my pain in the butt. I got lots of knitting done and updated all my yarn and projects on Ravelry. Over the day I did a few other chores but mostly had a nice, quiet day. I picked my first strawberries, talked to Ginny at the end of the day and got the sprinkler going on the garden. It was a nice end to a wonderful week. The only negative was my neighbor told me at the end of the day that my new cleaning lady, who is her best friend and was due to come on Tuesday, fell and shattered her ankle so wouldn’t be cleaning my house anytime soon. I may just have to buck up and clean it myself this summer. Yikes! But I think I may be OK with that. I’ll keep you posted. : )

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  1. Merry, I have had a horrible week and I so loved hearing about your lovely one. I admire your ability to get so many tasks accomplished and your abundance of friends.