Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 15 - Making a Dent

What a gorgeous week! Spring is finally here. Everything is green, green, green, daffodils are blooming and life is good! This is hands down my favorite time of year.

On the two days I didn’t swim, I headed right home and did yard work. I started in the front and worked my way to the back, figuring I’d do the more visible parts first. Getting a jump start was great. Since I had only one commitment on the weekend, a Friends meeting at the library (a good thing because it forced me to get up and out early), I planned to spend the entire weekend outside. The weather cooperated perfectly.

I had my bed stripped, two loads of laundry done and sheets hanging on the line before I left for Friends at 9:30. After the meeting, I went to an early lunch with Lorri to catch up then it was right home to start in the yard. I headed out thinking I’d start in one place but was instantly drawn to the appalling corner by my back door, which looked like something from a trailer park, complete with my old sink, empty flower pots and some trash. Very classy! I l cleaned it all up, took a break mid afternoon and then headed back out to tackle the old compost heap bed by the veggie garden. When I was done, I ran to the market because I had no coffee filters – can't have that! I got chicken for dinner while I was there and collapsed in a chair, happy that I’d accomplished so much.

Sunday was more of the same. I finished cleaning up the last of the beds, sifted compost and tackled the crap growing in the driveway cracks. By the time I was done, I felt like I’d inhaled a ton of dirt and was cut and bruised but feeling great. I showered and headed back to the library for a meeting with the master gardeners and landscape committee. From there it was a marathon of chores to get ready for the week. I had planned to do some cooking but that didn’t happen at all. I’ll have to leave that for tomorrow night before knitting at the library. At least I got to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. If all weeks were as productive as this one, I’d have a gorgeous yard. I live in hope.

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  1. Wow! You WERE busy! We have been doing a few things in our yard too, but it's desert here so we have no grass. We have a rock yard. I have two raised beds with flowers and a tree so I pulled my annuals and planted tomatoes and herbs.