Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 49 - Transitioning to Better

I started the week with my horrible cold in full swing. It was all I could do to make it through the work day on Monday, which is saying something since I didn’t get there until noon after my morning doctor’s appointment. I was so exhausted I didn’t even knit at the library, which was a first. But I felt better with each passing day and by Thursday I was able to go back to water aerobics. Friday found me shopping for Christmas trees on the way home. On Saturday I got a long overdue haircut and had my new glasses adjusted so they fit perfectly. After a few more errands, I headed home to catch up on chores and work on Christmas crafts.

The highlight of the week was a craft day with Helen on Sunday. For years I had suggested a regular craft day but we’d never done it. Out of the blue, Helen suggested coming over on Sunday so I jumped at the chance. She showed up with a latte in each hand just as I was putting peanut butter blossoms, the cookies her grandmother used to make, in the oven. I popped in a movie but stopped it when the first batch of cookies was done and we never turned it back in, preferring to talk for hours and hours. The weather had turned frigid and it started snowing mid afternoon, which made it all the nicer that we were cozy inside, drinking tea, chatting and working on our projects.

I can’t say it was a very productive week and I’m ending it with a long list of things I didn’t get done but it was all worth it. I feel better, I made big progress on my knitting, my Christmas tree is sitting in a bucket of water ready to decorate, I had fun catching up with Helen and tomorrow starts a new week. Will this be the week I catch up? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ll be smiling so who cares. : )

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  1. Hi Merry, I am so sorry you have been sick. I know how awful that is when you have things you want to do.
    What a treat to spend a day with your friend while accomplishing your crafting at the same time. I envy you that time. I am by myself way too much now. I have an invitation to join the assistance league here in Las Vegas. I have an interview with the Pres. on Thursday. I am hoping that helps me make some friends here.
    I hope this week is productive and happy.