Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 30 - Delightfully Dull Days

What can I say, it was a typically normal week, which was exactly what I needed after my whirlwind Rhode Island trip. I did the usual stuff - knitted at the library, went to water aerobics, etc. Otherwise I watched a lot of DVD’s, catching up on Weeds and Nurse Jackie and I started Mad Men season 2, knitting all the while with the fun corn fiber yarn I bought in RI. Yes, it's another pair of socks. Work geared up at the end of the week with prepping for the closing meetings that are scheduled back to back this coming week.

The only thing of note was that when I woke up Friday, my knee felt strange and I couldn’t straighten it all the way. By lunch time, it was doing its thing. I was going up the steps at Noodles and I got a sharp stabbing pain that took my breath away. Luckily the pain was short-lived but I was leery all the same. It “hitched” twice more on Friday so Saturday I took it easy. I did mow the lawn Saturday night because it hadn’t been mown in 3 weeks. I just walked very, very slowly and got it done without a problem. I then took a muscle relaxant and slept for 11 hours, which I also needed. Sunday my knee was much better but I still didn’t do much – more TV watching and knitting (I sense a trend here) - until I met Lorri and Sarah at the library at 5:30 to do some planting. Then it was back home to bake a pie for book club and get ready for the craziest work week of my year.

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  1. I have had company - a family of four. They ran me to death. It was fabulous. But Girl, I get the knee thing. My shins have ached ever since they got here.
    BTW. we went to the Springs Preserve. You have got to come when it cools down. You will love that place. Fabulous and educational.
    Take care of that knee.